Sensual Domination with Dana

Sensual dominationIn the world of female domination there are sorts of different flavors when it comes to Mistresses and Princesses. I am into what they call sensual domination.

Obviously I can and do get into tons of other fantasies as well but that’s my personal fave. It’s all about breaking down a man for me. At first he’s all defiant and trying to keep from falling prey to temptation but soon finding himself falling deeper under my spell. I love that!

It’s like I’m just chipping away at his will power regardless if he’s married, involved or believes he isn’t submissive. When I have my sights set on something there’s no stopping me. I always get what I want.

Could You Resist Sensual Domination?

Right now reading this you may believe that you can resist the sensual domination that I rain down on you but in reality you know you can’t. My cute voice, hypnotic eyes and perfectly curvy body will leave you blue balling and begging to do any ole’ thing I desire.

Now let us find out who is right and wrong. Are you ready?


  1. Hey, I’m interested 馃檪

  2. Mistress I am ready to be captured in ur magical voice kik sexy5374

  3. Trace Kirkwood

    I’m in need of a misstress

  4. Jaime Merlot

    I am a m to f transsexual looking for a Mistress

  5. I would like to be part of your sensual domination mistress Dana

  6. I’d love to fall under your spell, wearing panties and eating my cum if you want that.

  7. I am looking for a mistress. I can be a good slave

  8. i wanna be submissive and wanna experience to the max!

  9. emmah john

    mistress I’d love to be owned by you

  10. I want to be your slave I will follow each and every command of yours

  11. Want to serve you mistress

  12. I am a Submissive guy looking for a mistress to control, dominate me…I will be a good foot slave

  13. Slave boy

    I need a mistress because my life is to b a slave for ever

  14. Can you be my mistress?

  15. Ready!

  16. sissyboy

    I am seeking an online Mistress to Force Feminize Me and to include Orgasm Control/Denial
    Can You help me?

  17. David Buttress

    I am ready to submit totally to you Princess Dana.

  18. im ready mistress

  19. I m ready to serve you..kindly contact me

  20. Hello Mistress, Mike read your profile and would love to be anything you would like me to be. I hope you would consider me and thank you for your time.

  21. I’ve always wanted to try something like this to see if it would work. I don’t have much experience with this kind of thing but if you’d like to try to break me I would be excited to give it a shot.

  22. I need a mistress ma’am.. I need to be humiliated and spanked.. Cbt.. chastity anything.. I’ll lick ur toes, ass hole, pussy everything ma’am

  23. I love u mistress.. own me

  24. Hello Dana I love the sound of a cute voiced lady who will do here upmost to make me submissive to you. I sincerely hope you reply so you can try鈽猴笍

  25. Hey,
    I am searching mistress. But I am Not ready for investing money. But i will obey will love to get dominated. You might find little bit difficult to dominate me.


  26. I am ready for your challenge.

  27. i am slave

  28. Try me

  29. hello there beautiful Goddess. I stumbled upon your website by chance. It left me very intrigued and I would love to talk to you about the possibility of exploring my submissive nature with you. I am very much drawn to the idea of being owned by a beautiful femdom who enjoys controlling my orgasms and claims them as her own.

  30. Hey Dana, Id love to chat with you. Not sure if Im a full submissive type but Id like to explore.

  31. Tina sissy

    Looking for a mistress

  32. This sounds extremely fun. Would love to try it.

  33. I would LOVE to have you do whatever you would want to do with and to me I am your full sex slave. Wally

  34. Shashwat

    Hi goddess. I’d love to be your personal slave. Please revert back if you’re interested. Can’t wait

  35. I would like to serve you mistress

  36. I am up for the challenge and interested in what methods you have.

  37. Victor Curry

    You are a very beautiful woman and I have no doubt you are right.

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