Your Obsession with Round Butts

Round ButtsYou’ve noticed you have an obsession with round butts that you just can’t seem to shake. Well join the club!

You aren’t the first guy or girl to feel this way and certainly won’t be the last.

The thing is you have a sexual fetish or obsession, you could say with women with big round butts.

In the world of female domination you’d also be known as an ass worshiper or simply someone who has an ass worship fetish. See you can’t be that weird if there are even terms for exactly what you’re into!

A woman’s shapely butt is something that is very erotic, stimulating to look at and of course sexually arousing as well. Why is that? It’s because it was made to be that way.

Our round butts are designed to lure you in, hook you and slowly control your life. That’s what ass worship is all about. In fact probably just reading that made you look at the beautiful butt above 5 or 6 times.

Obsession with Round Butts

Sure your obsession with round butts is normal but it’s also tons of fun. Us mistresses love it when a man is addicted to our pretty asses because we know we have something you want, that you just can’t resist no matter how hard you try. So don’t beat yourself up over your booty fetish, instead embrace and come let us put it to good use!


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